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WildNet.Earth supports institutions and people who want to spread and deepen their connection to nature. The wilderness network acts as a kind of alliance and develops solutions for overcoming common tasks and challenges, which are then made available to all. Our support memberships give everyone the opportunity to support us directly.

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All prices are incl. VAT

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This Is How Your Contribution Spreads Nature Awareness

Your Contribution Makes Nature and Wilderness Schools, Along With Their Course Offerings, More Well-Known

We're increasing the visibility of wilderness schools and courses, helping interested individuals discover your courses in the field of nature and wilderness education. Additionally, we're raising awareness about nature and wilderness education by showcasing a diverse and extensive range of offerings.

Your Contribution Revolutionizes Course Search

With your contribution, you're supporting the advancement of the course finder, making it easier for others to find your courses. You probably remember the time when you were searching for your wilderness education seminar. You likely looked at the first 3-5 search results and based your further research on that or perhaps you came across a post on Instagram that led you to wilderness education. Many people only discover later on just how many wilderness schools and wilderness education programs actually exist. Wouldn't it have been great to have a clear overview of the many schools and courses?

Your Contribution Empowers All Aspiring Nature and Wilderness Educators to Take Action

The path from completing a nature and wilderness education program to entering the profession, even if it's just part-time, usually comes with many challenges. These challenges can often be insurmountable due to various life situations, which is why many people never take the step to get involved. We're changing that by lowering the barrier to becoming active in the field of nature and wilderness education. The easier it is to get involved after completing an education, the more people will eventually experience a connection with nature.

Your Support Contributes to a Wilderness Education Job Portal

This has many benefits for you and the growing community. You can post jobs in the field of nature and wilderness education, making it easier to find support for your courses. At the same time, and equally important, it will be much easier for all graduates to get involved in their local areas and collaborate with existing organizations.

Your Contribution Supports the Development of Course Management Software

We're developing software for managing nature and wilderness education offerings—because less time spent on administrative tasks means more time outdoors for everyone. Initially, this will be especially beneficial for newcomers, but as demands grow, it will reach a level where established schools may also consider making the switch.