About the Wilderness Network

We believe that nature-loving people are good for a society and that there are people in every wilderness-, nature- and outdoor school who are truly passionate about passing on deep nature connections. That's why we have made it our mission to support as many people as possible in this valuable and important work they do. The Wilderness Network develops solutions to master common tasks and challenges and makes them accessible to the community, if possible and truly helpful. At the same time the Wilderness Network serves as an access point to nature- and wilderness schools and -programs for interested people and helps them, among other things, to find a suitable wilderness school nearby.

Who is the Wilderness Network?

The wilderness network consists of people who guard, preserve and cultivate indigenous knowledge. Tom Brown Jr. and Jon Young are among the best known in the scene and have made significant contributions, including inspiring 10,000s of people to ancient knowledge. So it is that the listed schools pass on that knowledge in their lineage, among others. Clear is: The Founders of the presented vendors were thought or mentored directly by at least one of the “Mentors” or by one of those, who consider themselves as being in their mentoring tradition. Distinctive areas of knowledge are: Nature Mentoring, Coyote Mentoring, ancient bushcraft, tracking, bird language, plant knowledge, community, Scout-Knowledge and rituals/ ceremonies.