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Wilderness Courses, Nature Retreats and Leadership Journeys in the mountains of Norway. For individuals and organisations.

“A vision to live more wild again. We have restricted us to live tamed. Tamed in our minds, body, expression Wilderness Vision’s Vision is to support those who want to learn to take responsibility for themselves their wishes, their dreams, their true purpose – and let out their inner wilderness” Manuel, founder Wilderness Vision

Wilderness Courses Year round courses, trainings and workshops in nature, on outdoor & wilderness skills. Show all courses Leadership Development Partner for organisers of leadership journeys and team development processes. Learn More Nature Retreats Retreats for those who are looking for guided time and solo moments in wild nature. Show all retreats

NATURE-BASED EXPERIENCES FOR SKILL DEVELOPMENT & TRANSFORMATION Wilderness Vision, located in Norway, offers a range of nature skill courses and transformative wilderness retreats. Our skill courses cover activities such as backcountry skiing with wooden skis, learning essential outdoor skills for cold weather, and navigating a snowy landscape. During the summer, we provide hiking, canoeing, and crafting courses and journeys. In addition, we specialise in wilderness retreats that offer participants a profound and reflective experience in nature. These retreats often include solo time in the wilderness, enabling individuals to forge a deeper connection with nature and themselves. For organisations and companies seeking to enhance team dynamics and develop leadership skills, we provide customised programs set in the great outdoors. Our approach involves working closely with you to understand your specific needs and goals, crafting programs that align with your requirements. Our programs not only offer challenges and inspiration but also foster a profound connection to nature and a stronger bond among participants.

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